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Ultimate Weapon Tutorial - Complete Edition - 3Ds Max/Substance Painter/Marmoset

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Ultimate Weapon Tutorial - Complete Edition - 3Ds Max/Substance Painter/Marmoset

Tim @ Chamferzone
7 ratings

3DS MAX 2016 & Substance Painter - Ultimate Weapon Tutorial
- Complete Edition:

  • 14 HD Video Files 
  • Final high-poly AKM .OBJ file and low-poly .FBX file
  • 7.62 cartridge .OBJ / Max file for reference
  • Essential reference images
  • Pivot Script for 3Ds Max
  • My shortcut file for 3Ds Max
  • Checker-pattern texture for unwrapping
  • Procedural wood substance for texturing
  • Diamond pattern normal map

Duration: 17hrs 33min video MP4 format with full audio commentary in English


Are you thinking about a 3D Artist career in the video game industry? This tutorial will help you understand and apply all aspects of creating high quality game art. Learn 3Ds Max with the Basics & Beyond Chapter and how to model and unwrap efficiently in the following hours featuring the AKM. Create textures as close to photo realism as possible with Substance Painter and make the portfolio shine by creating renders with Marmoset Toolbag 2. At the end we are going to post process those renders in Photoshop to get that extra edge out of it. This Course has it all.

The following tutorials are included:

  • 3Ds Max 2016 - Basics & Beyond
  • AKM - 3Ds Max 2016 - Modeling 
  • AKM - 3Ds Max 2016 - Unwrapping
  • AKM - Substance Painter - Texturing
  • AKM - Marmoset - Renders

Software used: 3Ds Max 2016, Photoshop, Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag 2.

Important: the modeling part of the tutorial makes heavy use of the "chamfer" modifier which is only available in 3Ds Max 2015 and 2016. If you have an older version of 3Ds Max you can instead google for a third party modifier called "quad chamfer".

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