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Blade Tutorial - Complete Edition - Substance Painter 2 - PBR Texturing

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Start watching the free version here and come back for the EXTENDED COMPLETE Edition :)

Watch the Trailer for the COMPLETE Edition here:

Note: Contains the original modeling and texturing video.
The ultimate PBR Texturing tutorial

Reach Substance Painter 2 and texturing expert level with the extended edition. Let's create 10 more triple A quality texture versions.

Learn how to work with procedural textures, emissive textures, how to combine Photoshop with Substance Painter 2 to create a stunning engraved look on our knife. How to reuse any image you can find and apply it to our PBR system. Create fade looks, get an indepth understanding of the importance of masking and how to apply numerous generators and effects to get the absolute most of our texture. 

Profit from my 10 years of industry expererience and level up your texturing game: apply the skills to any of your personal projects. 

What are the software requirements?

  • Substance Painter 2. 
  • Photoshop for the part where we create an engraved version.

Who is the target audience?

This tutorial is aimed at beginners as well as intermediate.

What do I get from this course?

  • Nearly 2 hours of fully documented and commented content.
  • Essential files such as the final high-poly and low-poly kukri for those that just want to follow the texturing part.
  • Substance Painter 2 scene file of the finished base version as seen in the free edition.

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Blade Tutorial - Complete Edition - Substance Painter 2 - PBR Texturing

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